Summer Skin Care

Skin care is crucial throughout the year, but it becomes particularly important during the summer season.  Here are five key reasons why skin care is essential during summer and what you can do to make it happen: Sun Protection: Sun exposure is more intense during the summer months, and protecting your skin from harmful UV […]

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Summer Promotions

Memorial Day is traditionally, the unofficial start of Summer.  Get your studio ready with some summer promotions for your clients.  Here are a couple of ideas to get you started:   Summer Makeover Packages: Create special makeover packages that are specifically tailored for the summer season. Offer a combination of services such as a haircut,

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Whether you have gotten your taxes done already, filed an extension or are a last minute person still trying to get it all done, tax day is almost upon us.   For the occasion, we put together a list of basic tips below.  Looking to get the most out of your taxes, then heed the

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Wedding Season!

It’s March and in the Lowcountry that means two things, it’s pollen time and wedding season!!  The rest of this month we will be taking a look at some iconic Charleston wedding venues on our social media on Wedding Wednesdays!  Before we get specifically into the Charleston wedding scene, we thought it would be fun

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Actions Steps!

We talked about setting smart goals in our last post and wanted to follow that up today with discussing the actual action steps to achieve to goals.   Having goals is great but with no daily or weekly plans in place it can be tougher to make those goals a reality.   Let’s take a

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Goal Setting!

As January gets into full swing, have you got a grasp on what 2023 is going to like for you?  It can be easy to let time get away from you and in May, you are in the same place as you are now.  In this post, we will discuss a time honored tradition that

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Holiday fun facts!

With Christmas almost here, we thought we would take a look at some Christmas traditions and how and where they started.  We hope this interesting tidbits will give you something to discuss as this holiday season draws to a close.   Hopefully, you have a Christmas Tree up in your home or studio.  Have you

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