Actions Steps!

We talked about setting smart goals in our last post and wanted to follow that up today with discussing the actual action steps to achieve to goals.   Having goals is great but with no daily or weekly plans in place it can be tougher to make those goals a reality.  

Let’s take a look at our smart goal from last week’s post, which was to book five new clients by April 30th, 2023.  This gives roughly a three month or 12 week time frame to achieve this goal.  Next, break that down into weekly and monthly segments, to determine what you are going to do during those time windows to generate leads that will turn into new clients.  

From here, decide what type of actions that you want to take to achieve the goal.  There are plenty of avenues of actions, some of which we cover below.  If you think of other things to do that is great as well, just make sure to do them on a consistent basis!  

First up, if you have a social media account(s), post once a week with a client picture where you mention in the text that you are taking new clients.  Once a month, put up a post of:  I’m taking new clients where that is the sole focus in the picture and the text. 

Beyond, social media, there are still ways to make your goal of 5 new clients a reality.  

Think of your ten best current clients, when they come in for their appointment over the next three months, tell them that you are accepting new clients if they know anyone who needs a stylist/nail tech/massage therapist.  Another simple method is to have a small sign at your check out station/area stating:  that you are taking new referral clients so please keep me in mind with your friends and family.  This way you can remind people on a daily basis when they are checking out that you are taking new clients.  Besides at check out, if you use a text reminder appointment system then you can attach a note to the appointment reminder or if possible send out a separate message that you are taking new clients.  

We hope it is evident that there are various ways to gain new clients and achieve this sample goal.  Additionally, if you have a plan of action that breaks things down into daily, weekly or monthly increments it can help you stay on track and achieve whatever goal you set.  We hope that you have a great 2023 and all your goals become reality! 

-The Cirque Team