Water, Water, Everywhere!

We know that we all take for granted the lights turning on and the water being hot and the door always opening.  While you probably know what it takes to power and run your home, have you ever wondered what it takes to make a building of salon suites go?  Today we take a fun, light hearted look with a touch of seriousness about what goes into making Cirque run.  

Let’s start with the front door!  On a busy day at Cirque, you could be walking through the front door along with 250 of your closest friends.  Over the course of the year,  there are easily over 35,000 people visiting a Cirque location, now that is a lot of opening and closing of the front door!   It is always exciting to see those real busy days when the salons are buzzing with activity.

The other buzzing noise that you might hear at the suites, could be all the electricity being used at a Cirque location.  On a day when the salon is bustling, 300kwh of electricity can easily be used.  If that doesn’t sound like much consider the average household uses 30kwh per day, so Cirque can use 10 times as much power as your home in a day!

If all that power usage doesn’t go to your head, the amount of water used at a Cirque in a day might wash you away.  The studios can go through over a 1,000 gallons of water in a day, now that is a lot of hair washing, laundry being done and toilets being flushed!  Compare this to taking a ten minute shower at home that uses about 25 gallons of water and you get a better idea of the volume of water used to at Cirque!  

The water and power usage along with the number of people coming in the front door are some of the behind the scenes operations that we thought were the most interesting to share.   Obviously, there are more basic items Cirque utilizes and restocks on a daily basis like garbage bags, paper towels and toilet paper because we realize it is important to make sure all of life’s necessities are available. 

In order to cover all these bases, we have our Cirque team in the salons on a daily basis to have a first hand look at the operations of the business.  We like to think that having this presence helps us with seeing the operational needs of Cirque quicker and providing a great experience for studio owners and their clients.  

We hope you have enjoyed this behind the scenes look at what it takes to make a Cirque Salon  Studios run on a daily basis.   We hope that everyone can appreciate a little more the next time the light automatically turns on or a studio owner washes out your hair what goes into operating a Cirque!  

-The Cirque Team