Product Selling Strategies

One of the benefits when you are a salon suite owner, is that you are able to use, carry and sell whatever products that you like.   This provides you the freedom to use your favorite products and try new ones.   It also provides an opportunity for additional income by selling products directly to clients.  Selling products may not be something that you feel comfortable with at first, but with practice you can and will get better at the sales process.  We have put together a few tips below that will help you whether you are just starting out in a salon studio or can serve as a refresher if you are an experienced pro!

Whether you starting out or a twenty year beauty pro, product knowledge and communication are the keys to the sales process!  The first step to being successful is to know the products!  You need to know them backwards and forwards, what is in them, how are they different than competitors, and make sure that you have personally tried all the products that you are using.  This personal experience combined with your knowledge will give you the confidence to talk to your clients about each product and how it could help them.  It will also allow you to help recommend the appropriate shampoo, conditioner, or skin care item for each client’s specific needs.  Using and demonstrating this knowledge, makes you the trusted expert with your client.    

So, when is a good time to talk with your client about products during their appointment?   When you are first starting in a studio, any time is a good time to talk with your clients about what products they are using and what you are offering.  As you get more practice, you ideally would discuss what the client is currently using for at home care when they first sit down in the chair at the beginning of the appointment.  From there, you can discuss, show and even let the clients handle the products that you are going to use with them.  Another option, is to discuss the shampoo or conditioner with your client as they come and go from the shampoo bowl.  Again, having the product knowledge will help you explain how your products will keep their hair looking great even when they leave the salon.   

After having a conversation with your clients about your products, now is the most important part, asking for the sale!  Typically, you never get the sale that you don’t ask for!  Hopefully, after discussing and educating your clients throughout the appointment that asking for the sale will be a smooth transition.  It may take time for you to feel comfortable with the process and that is okay, you will get better as you practice more.  Easy asks, are questions like “How did that product feel in your hair or on your skin?” followed up with “would you like to take one of those home with you today?”  This is where you can tailor your asks with whatever you feel comfortable with saying, just as long as you ask for the sale!  Lastly, remember to ask every client that comes into your salon suite if they would like to buy product!  Over time, discussing, educating and asking for the sale will become second nature!  

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-The Cirque Team