Decorating your studio for the season!

As we make our way toward October, fall is almost here and holiday season is close behind.  We have discussed a few promotion ideas to get ready for the holidays in a previous post check it out here , Today we are going to discuss the importance of decorating your space for the changing seasons and how it can help your business succeed even more!

Think about when you have a choice between two stores to shop, one has holiday decorations up versus a store front that is a blank canvas.  Which one is more inviting?  Seems simple when you think about this type of situation but it is easy to forget about decor when you get busy with your business.  It is important to remember that studies show that stores and businesses that decorate seasonly generate a positive reaction in customers, where they feel more at home and are more likely to buy.   So, how does all this translate to the salon studio market?

All of these small touches of decoration, help foster that at home feeling for your clients while they are in your studio.  It also shows that you are care about your space and making it look good just like you want your clients to look good when they leave your studio.  Decorations can also provide some easy conversation starters about what people are doing for the season, if they are enjoying the changes in the weather, etc.  Beyond basic client interaction, from a business stand point the main benefit of holiday decor can be promotions and sales.

These promotions and sales can be woven into the decorating theme.  Whether it is a fall special, a no tricks just treats with this halloween offer, giving thanks to my clients by offering this Thanksgiving promotion and of course giving or the Christmas season.  While we typically associate sales with products, you can utilize offer specials on services as well with the changing seasons.

So get to decorating!  Remember, decorations can be as simple as small signage like Happy Fall to a full on Christmas light display hung up around your studio.   The main thing is that you have a festive studio an make sure to have things that you like as well as you will be looking at it almost daily!   

-The Cirque Team